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  4. Cheat is for Combat Arms Classic and is working ..I just played
  5. Hi all Im new. Cheat vip work for COMBAT ARMS AXESO5? I want buy. Debit Card.
  6. Hello, there's a few things that makes me really uncomfortable here, 1 - could a mod/admin update this page https://repulsivehax.net/cacvip.php with the new GUI and features: 2- it has been month's or maybe a whole year that this page is comming soon ! this page is very important for costumers to know what they will spend their money in . 3- Provided cheats, (it all depends on the coder), to make this community more popular it needs to support more games, combat arms only won't attract a lot of attention to this website. i made this thread not to complain i just want this community to grow up and become popular and strong enough to face other websites. i'm not offending anyone, it's only my a point of my view. Kind regards. Chikimaro.
  7. i cant login in the Cloader with my Username and PW
  8. i cant login in the Cloader with my Username and PW
  9. Earlier
  10. Make one for me...I made a kill switch 2 years ago that this worked for just to lazy now.
  11. Hello pay me 10$ to glitch ur name i can do pretty much any name possible i’m in Chris's Discord you can tag me @kev#3522 (GM-Kev in server) https://imgur.com/gallery/W3O8Bkb https://imgur.com/gallery/jiFe99j
  12. Requesting to be moved to own topic...And /Close
  13. I just Let Chris know...
  14. Not working I paid and did not work
  15. It is possible the cheat is detected you will have to wait for Chris to look at it...
  16. Hi, the discord invite link seems to be invalid can you please give us a up to date one? Many thanks.
  17. Hey i need a loader my does not work, i got vip! i can log in and choose combat arms classic or reloadet but i cant change anything sometimes i even don´t see the menu...
  18. Removed embedded link, looks dumb now and don't promote stupid stuff.
  19. Bunk beds Nursery Furniture
  20. Redoing ma PC asking fur a HWID reset fruckin GTX 1060 giving problems need a new drive and clean install...
  21. hey is there a free version plz?
  22. If you expect an answer you should definitely speak English. Last and only warning.
  23. А на русский комбат есть читы?
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