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Future VIP Features

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illl just get straight to the point since nobody likes to sit and ready a novel. would be cool to add these feature if possible.

- Rank Spoofer ( Trainee - GOA , Visual only NO XP Hack. )

- Hacker Detection ( Detects if another HACKER is in the lobby or Game. ) ( GT + loader name ) if possible, again just thoughts.

- Copy Cat ( COPY a players Name or Outfit ) Must Be Activated in Lobby. )

- Anti Off-Host Kick ( ONLY Room Master or ELITE / SE Can Vote And or Kick You. )

- Fake Super Elite? ( ONLY if You Are Room Master You Can Insta-Kick In-Game and Maybe Lobby To? ) 

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I'd like to say yes for all the features but most of them are simply not possible, it's all about the client and the requests are server-sided. The only one I see is the Rank Spoofer (Visual only). Maybe Please login or register to see this link. will tell us otherwise!

Thank you a lot for your requests, you might change CAC hacking forever by simply bringing a feature people never saw before:) Thanks!

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@cepheus thank youi for getting back to me so quickly, and i understand what you mean. so for it to make new possible hacks.so i just need to clarify. its basically has to already be in the games written and the coder has to basically use it and manipulate it into a cheat? let say for Examples and please let me know if 1 or 2 is the right one.


( rapid fire was basically the minigun fire rate from " super spy " made it code-able to all weapons with activation function on?off? )


( Since NameColor was already an funtion , coder thn manipulated that coding already written in game, to allow user access to customizing it. )


basically you can only make functions that are already written into the games coding that the coder can then find and make Not only accessable but also customizeable. am i right or already passed pluto?

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If Please login or register to see this link.  has time in his hands, he'll find them codes but as of right now I know the answer, you are somewhat right with what you said. The hardest part isn't coding, it's finding new cheats:P

That's why we need suggestions like yours! It'll bring a lightbulb with: Why didn't I think about that before!?

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