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Welcome to RepulsiveHax! ?

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Welcome to Repulsive hax!

Hello! And Thank you for joining our community! You have chosen a website of quality with unique, well made cheats, just for you.

You are more than welcome to join our discord here for Faster support - Please login or register to see this link.

You will be able to communicate with the staff members and be part of events to get free cheats and play with other people.


To stay part of this community you must follow the Community Guideline!

  • No posts about pornographic material.
  • No posts about another communities / sites.
  • Do not spam with same questions more and more over again
  • Do not post any kind of useless posts just to increase your posts count.
  • Do not insult members / Staff on shoutbox, forum or Discord.
  • No flaming.
  • Do not sell / Buy forum accounts.
  • Respect all Admins | Staff | Members.
  • Do not ask for free VIP unless there are events etc..
  • Every user has the right to create only 1 account, no multiple accounts per user.
  • No Sharing VIP accounts.
  • Do not evade your ban by creating a new account because you will get IP banned
  • No false reports
  • If you have encountered any problem with the staff team, you will need to send private message to Admins.
  • Buying VIP means that you are buying a forum access, not just a cheat.
  • You agree to all rules when you create an account on the site or when you buy VIP.
  • Remember, VIP can be used on 1 computer only because it is a Hardware ID lock.
  • You cannot reset HWID a lot of times, only certain amount of times.
  • No Refunds.
  • No PM for support, you just can create a support topic on the site or join our Discord server.
  • Only moderators or higher ranks can use Team viewer with members.
  • If your gamer account banned, it is not our fault. be careful when using hacks, do not rage with it.
  • Always give credits if you are gonna post/shout other's work.
  • Do not ask for ETA's
  • If Someone wont follow the rules they will Get Warn and Then Kick/Ban! Just Chill And Enjoy Your Time In Here.

Enjoy your stay!

-Rep Hax Team 


-Rule template made by Moly

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