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3 posts in this topic

  1. A better chams would be great
  2. The spam function doesn't working at all if it works, works only 1 time but for me didn't work even 1 time
  3. The character spoofer doesn't change to the right character.. I choose Summer Ophelia it makes me Zombie ingame
  4. A future to kick everyone in-game or just crash the room would be awesome feature.
  5. The last, spawn any weapon u like to play with it
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  1. NX Chams is nice in my opinion
  2. The spam function works fine only in the VIP cheat
  3. The Character Spoofer works fine for every characters, you just need to put Valofe Recon Vest if your character is not the one you selected
  4. This is patched
  5. Patched too


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Answered and acknowledged.


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