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Cheat Suggestions

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Hey there, how is everyone doing?,
I have a few suggestions I'd like to share.
First of all, chams visible only could be really useful in dark maps or if you are blind lmao
Second Elite/SuperElite spoofer if you are a moderator.
Third weapon spoofer/weapon spawner I remember a while ago I was playing melee only and someone was killing us with weapons, lol.
Fourth Adding to the character spoofer more options, for example, use some recon vest and a mask/etc at the same time.
Fifth Anti-block chat, so you could spam without getting blocked for 3minutes (if possible)
Sixth Anti-kick(If possible)
Seventh Auto-login, so you insert the login information of your sub in the CMD tab and then it asks you Auto-Login (y/n) and if yes on the next inject it would be automatically logged in so you would just have to start the CA. 
Eleventh (really old one) a mouse warper, so like you look at some place and click Mouse3 and then it warps you in there(Not really needed but could've been cool for trolling xD)
Ninth if GM is in hiding/visible mode in your room and you can't see him the cheat will detect that there is a GM and will automatically leave the room/close the  game(if possible)
Tenth Save settings options & having configs so like you could save config1 config2 for example tele kill with max speed fly and shit and the other config a legit one and you could load one of them whenever you want instead of changing it your own.
Eleventh Hotkeys, you decide for what for example you near each box of feature you have one more to fill up with a key you choose to make it a hotkey

And that's about it,
Thank you for reading!
~RepulsiveHax community.

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Thanks for the suggestions, we appreciate taking your time to write all of this! We take every suggestion or comment in consideration to improve our services! I really thank you again! Overall Happy Hacking!

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Please login or register to see this quote.

Thank you :) !

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Thank you Please login or register to see this link.  for the suggestions, we will take a good look at them and come back to you asap!:)

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Please login or register to see this quote.

Good to hear, thanks :)


Update: Suggestion for the crosshair
Crosshair spoofer,  remove the current one and get optimized one like these on the shop

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