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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, fellow RHx user! We offer an underground service most of you aren't aware of, today I thought I'd explain to you how this implementation of our works! (We're gonna get you used to the forum, no links!) Disclaimer, this is an informative post, not a way to get free cheats! A limited amount of individual is chosen, first arrived, first served. We have here: On the forum page, a staff application page is displayed, forward there! You will see there are different application choices. You wanna go to Advertiser. Apply! Once clicked you need to fill out this easy form, give us a general idea of who you are! After you press ¨Save¨ your form will be sent to @Cepheus And forwarded to the team for a full review! Now to obtain free cheats you have to spam in-game, the free cheats have the option to do so in the menu. The more you spam, the more time for the cheat you get! 1h+ of spamming a day is required to meet our expectations! If not our system will warn us, our system automatically distributes VIP time to users. Thanks for reading, -Cepheus.
  2. Hi, first I want to let you guys know that you're now part of an amazing growing community and a well-growing one! I've been a moderator here for over a month now and I'm enjoying my stay as much as anyone else, I've been hacking since I was 13-14 I remember working 1 hour so my mom would give me 10$, I would buy hacks on some well-known websites every old-school hacker knows;) Hacking combat arms crazy with room crash, lifetaker, god mode, inf bullets, instakill.. All gone BUT! The community is still here:) The real hackers are still running to bring back those days. I'm a moderator on other websites too and I have been for about 5 years now, I worked on a lot of now dead websites and been part of other small projects that you might have seen me on:) I changed my name through the days but the one that stood out the most is Cepheus:) Have an amazing time here, wish you the best to the best!