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  1. Hello, there's a few things that makes me really uncomfortable here, 1 - could a mod/admin update this page https://repulsivehax.net/cacvip.php with the new GUI and features: 2- it has been month's or maybe a whole year that this page is comming soon ! this page is very important for costumers to know what they will spend their money in . 3- Provided cheats, (it all depends on the coder), to make this community more popular it needs to support more games, combat arms only won't attract a lot of attention to this website. i made this thread not to complain i just want this community to grow up and become popular and strong enough to face other websites. i'm not offending anyone, it's only my a point of my view. Kind regards. Chikimaro.
  2. Add me to the clan ! My ign is ChikiIsHere
  3. well well well, i think "RHArmy" or "RHCommunity are better