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  1. Ok all this COVID shit is fucked up and very bad and scary... I am here to help any one in need of SUPPORT or just want to chat... Anyone from this site/sites.. feel like they need to talk or just pass time when they are in SELF ISOLATION.. For the 14 days or so.. I am here for ya either to talk shit or just to say hello.. Add me Discord Canadian420#3255 And from site aswell.. Keep safe and CLEAN.. Anonymous..Canadian420#3255 RepulsiveHax..
  2. I am sure Chris will reset ur HWID ..But you will only have 4 resets after that..So try to stick to 1 PC..All the best.
  3. Very nice words dude ..See ur tech support now keep up the great works..
  4. Everyone please welcome our new tech-supporter , @intoxify Congratulations ! Please all of our members, feel free to message him for any kind of help, he's a part of us now Welcome to RepulsiveHax Team!

    Go to SUPPORT SECTION... Request CLOSED//
  6. I just rage lol when my pc is running good I'll put some together and share
  7. You are now VIP lol Requesting CLOSED
  8. Welcome to site ...And enjoy..
  9. There is no more free cheats sorry ..Purchase VIP to enjoy the best hack