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  1. need support for cheat can u add me on discord xjessy #1834 :D thx

    1. Stefe29


      Hi xjessy! Not working as a Tech Support anymore but it would be cool to help ya! Stefe29 is my name on discord approve me as a friend. See ya there!

    2. xjessy


      u need # with member after ur name like xjessy # 1834 add me if u can

  2. hile açılmıyor

  3. Please, contact me on discord: Stefe29#6575 I will help you there.
  4. ERROR

    Poganu, I told you like 4 times that public is not working for now. You can re-install any file how much times u want to, it still won't be working. Be patience please! We noticed like 9999 times!
  5. Hello, users of RepulsiveHax! Yesterday I created a clan with some VIP users and Public users of this hack. The name of the clan is Skillz. [Emblem + Color], we are not going to make a high win rate due to everyone will be scared, u know it's CA 2k18. I want to make some fun in-game and to get everyone whos using Repulsive's hacks in 1 clan. As I said we are already 4 members in the clan, users of Repulsive! Also, I can see that more of the hackers are not hacking together, everyone plays by his way. Maybe this is the chance to make the game-hacking more fun and enjoy it more than usual, you can make friends too. Please, everyone whos playing the Classic Client feel free to apply to the clan - I'm the leader, just search the name and you can add me (won't share here my name in-game). If this was interesting for you please, Do Not wait and send us apply including in the Application *User of Repulsive* (no1 can see your application instead of Leader & Admins) Rules: There are no rules, rekt them all, Boi! *Soon coming to Reloaded too* Greetings! Stefe29 If further information needed to please contact me on Discord: Stefe29#6575
  6. The feeling to be part of team like this... It's just awesome! Thank you!
  7. Well, waaaaaaaazzup legit players? I'd like to introduce myself to the community AT FIRST, Hello! Name: Stefan Country: Macedonia Speakin': Macedonian ,English ,Serbian ,Croatian ,Montenegro ,Russian A guy, 20 years old, coming from Macedonia has been a lover of Repulsive's for 56 days! I'm friendly, I'm that type of person who'd like to help everyone and anytime give a support.| Love to hang out with girls at nights, usually active more than 10 hours a day so anyone who needs me / if needed feel free to dm me! I am able to learn very quickly and join this fantastic company. * Stefe29#6575 * Introduction Greetings, Stefan Discord: Stefe29#5675
  8. Very great points system. Bought a signature and Avatar. Working very well!
  9. topic4memes

    Already got the winner of the best meme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NProtect_GameGuard POST UR MEMES
  10. Does the clan exists right now? There is enough players hacking with RX's hack we can all join there
  11. A better chams would be great The spam function doesn't working at all if it works, works only 1 time but for me didn't work even 1 time The character spoofer doesn't change to the right character.. I choose Summer Ophelia it makes me Zombie ingame A future to kick everyone in-game or just crash the room would be awesome feature. The last, spawn any weapon u like to play with it
  12. CA:Classic

    I were using VIP Future on Classic Client for 7 days and I can't say a bad word about the cheat. I'm very satisfied with the cheats. Hope to see soon more futures and better than ones who already exists. #GonnaSubscribeAgainSoon
  13. Everyone has to try his luck. No matter if you get all futures for free. That makes you proud enough to be part of team like Repulsive's. Awesome boys & girls. I hope one day I will help more than usual to everyone whos using this cheat.