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  1. C.A Classic Loader VIP Help Hey guys! I was going to edit this for Chris but can't because my license expired BUT I have something that you guys will like! If you can't get the loader to pop up on screen in game you need to Run Command line as admin Put in Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON and hit enter Doesn't work? Follow the video down below! What you need to be able to run this loader in game https://repulsivehax.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11-repulsivehax-loader-requirements-?/ **THIS IS NOT ME CAME UP WITH THIS, CHRIS SHOWED ME ALL OF THIS SO DON'T THINK I CAME UP WITH STUFF!!** Sorry that it was blurry, couldn't do anything Video to the tutorial (Pause at 1.28 for the video down below!)
  2. Have you ever wanted to be in a hacking clan? Well here is your shot! I've played Combat Arms since 2009 and I just love it. ANYone can apply for the clan but there comes TWO rules. -Do not use chams & MUST HAVE A MIC FOR DISCORD. Many people can tell someone is hacking from using chams. Chams is an option where you can turn on and it shows you where the enemy is, how much health they have & Etc. My goal is too keep the hacking community alive! When you go to apply, say you're from repulsivehax.net! No one will see it except for me and a Admin! Clan name and discord! There are three i's in my name and Four 1's Right now, I dont have clan emblem and color but if the clan turns out to be good, ill get it perm!
  3. Can I go for the clan still or is it inactive??