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  1. Loader

    You need to be VIP in order to use the Loader, Chris (owner and coder) is not doing Public Version anymore.
  2. Support

    Thanks alot for the feedback! Hope you continue enjoying VIP!
  3. Try buying it again and make sure to put in the same Billing addres that you have on Paypal.
  4. Topic answered, if you need more help contact us on Discord ( Dany#5518 ) /Closed

    Ok first of all stop spamming, write everything you need to say in one post. Where are the screenshots of the error? Upload the screenshots and paste the links in here.
  6. Only those for the public, if you want the real deal, become VIP and get alot more features and fast Updates!
  7. Old Post, if you want to recruit more people, create your own Thread. /Closed
  8. Welcome to Repulsive Hax Community, enjoy your stay!
  9. No reply was made, meaning the issue was resolved. /Closed
  10. Well it can be 3 things, 1. You didn´t Inject the hack properly into the game 2. Have Windows Defender, Firewall and Antivirus ON 3. You didn´t install one of the Visual++ Fix files during the installation of Cloudify. Here I leave you Common Issues Post. Here I leave a Tutorial on how to use CA Classic Public Hack. Note** Make sure to Disable Windows Defender, Firewall and Anti Virus, Here I leave you a Tutorial on how to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 Please Reply back if the issue was solved or Join our Discord for faster support.
  11. Create your own Post with your Problem in Here /Closed