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  1. Support

    Thanks alot for the feedback! Hope you continue enjoying VIP!
  2. Welcome to Repulsive Hax Community, enjoy your stay!
  3. Welcome to RepulsiveHax community! Enjoy your stay!
  4. combat arms!

    @hamzouz97 Here I leave you a tutorial on how to use CA Classic Public Hack, CLICK HERE! Please next time creat a post on Support Section if you need any help like @Dellin said.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions @Terror
  6. Welcome to Repulsive Hax! I wish you the best and I know you´ll be a great Tech-Supporter!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, we appreciate taking your time to write all of this! We take every suggestion or comment in consideration to improve our services! I really thank you again! Overall Happy Hacking!
  8. Hi there, My name is Daniel (On forum Dany), from Honduras, 26 years old, I speak English and Spanish. Currently I am studing and my hobbies are play Video Games, GYM and play Soccer. I started in Repulsive Hax as a Tech - Support and currently was promoted as Moderator. I am a cool guy with you can spend a good time talking. Feel free to contact me if you need any help or information. Over all Happy Hacking!
  9. CA:Classic

    Thanks for the Feed back @Twinz, we really appreciate all feed backs to keep impoving on our services and products, I hope you enjoy VIP! Happy Hacking!
  10. Thanks alot for the feedback @shady_Type we really appreciate every members feedback! Hope you become VIP soon so you can enjoy of many features like Aimbot, Telekill,etc. If you need any help you can contact me on Discord: Ɗαղყ?#5563 (Tech Support)
  11. We are really glad you join the community and I want to make you know that we are here to help you in what ever you need!
  12. When will hack public combat arms classic come back online?

    1. Dany


      I don´t know, chris is the coder and he is working on it, so soon it will be, If you dont like to wait for public you can Upgrade to VIP so you can enjoy of fast updates and features like aimbot,ESP, HP hack, etc.