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  1. CA Hacks aren't dry. There is lots of hackers. Pulling most of them here would be a great move plus they can learn about the development of the creators of this site which is a great thing plus, we could learn to meet more people from in-game.
  2. Your the best mate. Thanks. People needed this. Thanks god kelly told me how already.
  3. Yep. That's what brings them here is knowing that they don't really suck. If they know that, they'll come look for it. I did it because no one kicks and i wanted to try it. Then i found it fun. Then i tried to stay legit as i got older but, i seen impossible plays by high ranks. Putting two and two together - People used hacks i used and tried looking legit with it. Except for the fear of dying by a legit player, they fear losing and dying first. They shoot before they spot me. Calling it prefire. That's when i learned to use hacks in the same way. Never seen so much people 1.50 and 2.50 - 3.00KDR. That's when i learned to use them in a Legit Like way. Now i see everything and, learned that its more Cheaters online than Legits. So, i play with power. This Client is good. It's like the ones from old school. It has nice usages. Cannot turn away from it now. The bad thing is it's only name tags but, i'm killing Auto Bodybots. Your Public over-rules most VIP (Legit) players. Wait til everyone finds out about your creation. You got to break bread man... I love you! Nope, just kidding. I think Public is enough. When i find a better Job. Going to try out VIP. If i like it. My main account going to use Publics and, for my other account i'll use VIP and play legit with both of them. :)
  4. Your Faith is strong. I think you all are Dedicated. You, Kelly and Chris. You three are the most i see all over.
  5. I love angering noobs. Mostly those who uses it who gets mad. Befriends to those who use and, loves me still rather I am legit or hacking. But, when anyone comes to that stage of anger. God, feels like I could laugh for days. Shivers, making me feel a need in wanting more action. After I reset camasia, I will make a video blocking out my usernames.
  6. Can you create a Thumbs up for comments people like? Would love to give lots of posts satisfying views and, for a post/comment to show how many people loves them. Forums next flight of: Better than the rest. Best Title any Forums could conquer.
  7. Damn, now that you put it that way. I hope you don't. Just don't dream at all. Live and Enjoy. I think that provide enough details of how great your skills are.
  8. Maybe one day - We will relive the old days Even if it's of another FPS Game that shows that much enjoyment.
  9. I love your Post. <3 I am too a Mary Jane Fan. I love to smoke also. Also, i love Kannada. We are Neighbors. I am from the U.S.A. It is nice meeting you as i already have but, not quite until this message as you spoken to me about the clan i was referring to setting up. Thanks for your feedback upon my support. Glad to have you as a Admin, a Team Admin at that. Would love to get more involved with you and, the work of the companies of this site. Thank you for your support of this site and, your work. Also most of all; thanks for having me here. Godbless. Badass.
  10. @Cepheus That's fantastic to hear. I agree with you; the Old-School hackers from back in the days Combat Arms was a hella fun. I also missed Glitching back in 2007 when CBA first came out and, floating in water not being able to die (Which now days if you glitch, you fall then you die.) Your words bring back memories. I miss them also. Congratulations also on becoming a Mod for here. Glad you like your stay here. It is always nice to hear from an Old School Combat Arms player like yourself coming from one like myself. Would be delightful to hang with you in-game sometimes. God bless and Enjoy! Badass.
  11. Long as you have a crowed in back of you. That's all that matters. Long as you keep these hacks active. I am on these forums and, cheering for you even if i am the last person and only one using them. (Doubt that'll ever happen) Considering you are the best. Noo... Not fucking with you chris. Your #1. But, hell... I bet these words sound so sweat you think i am just buttering you up. But yeah.. No chris... You are the FUCKING BEST. I hope you hear that in your sleep. Don't let your wife see you smiling in your sleep if you do. She might think your dreaming of porno.
  12. Welcome vass- I am glad you feel the same as me. It is great to see i am not alone! Hope the community goes well with you as for all of us. What game are you interested in for using this hack?
  13. In-game/site names: Badasstism also know for Badassnism. Real name: Antonio. Age 28. I love gaming. Created a Combat Arms Classic clan Called: "Repulsive Damage". For all Hack Users. I enjoy Repulsivehax's Client and, Settings base. I enjoy the Forums and, all they do for us gamers who are tired of being called a Noob to people who use Hacks themselves. Even though some Do and some Don't put up a good fight Legitly. Those who are tired of it comes here to show those who use it, whos the boss. Who is better. (You are). If your a hacker going verse a hacker; if you kill them... It's then a Legit Game play. Don't be amused. You out of a million do not think you are legit. You might think you are bad only because you do not understand what the other persons doing behind the keyboard. I for one learned while hacking long ago that more people then i though uses them. Now days as of 2017-2018 i learned 80-90% are using. How? When i cham, me and other chammers play with each other from separated teams even know we never met each other. Plus: Look at how many people your facing that never reveal themselves until you turn your back. Odd isn't it? Or is that not that obvious? 9/10 times it'll happen even when someone jump out of a point blink area when never seeing where your location is and with a deadly accurate shot knowing where you are shooting within a 1 second or 1.50 second rate when first seeing you. Try that with a Cham Don't be a fool nor a donky. Use Cheats - Why not? It's fun! Plus, you can become better! You kill people just as fast as they'll kill you! Still think you suck becaue you need it? How about this: Just enjoy yourself. 9/10 if it was a fully legit game like a Xbox One or PS4, you'd never die so hard. With these hacks, it's like using PS4 or Xbox One considering counsels never use hacking software and, it's harder to create and use. But, on PC, it's easy and more fun than ever. Join me in-game please. Join Combat Arms Classic Clan = Repulsive Damage A Clan name you'll never forget considering your using the Cheats!
  14. Decided to call it "Repulsive Damage" regarding to damages enemies wont like. No one likes to die. Hackers will call you a hacker. Chams will become mad because your using the same thing they are using to kill them. Aimbots will get mad because your not using body aim and, killing them or least doing some Critical damages to them. I think Repulsive Damage is the perfect name for the clan. It is to me, part of this site which i love (The hacks) it's a nice forums also. Love the Damages from the gun plus the hacks i use to defeat hacks that's better than Repulsivehax Public. If Repulsivehax Public hacks are owning the hell out of all these VIP Body-Aimbot hacks from other Software developers. It's going to make the players look like shit if they do find out we're hacking and even worst when they find out its just the public hack and not the VIP. Just the Repulsivehax Public itself tells me allot about how brutally the VIP is. Can't wait to have a taste of that. That i know will be "Repulsive" as hell to others who uses them. LOL Thanks too Repulsive Hacks; we can now learn to take on VIP's that don't have Development Hacks like Repulsive. Which benefits us and, hopefully will benefit Repulsive Hacks once they realize which hacks are better. But, honestly... I think i'd rage quit verse the Repulsive VIP considering how much damage i do verse others using VIP but, from another Developers and, the damages i alone set out considering also Repulsive has the same Public as VIP but, VIP has Auto Body-Aiming. A damage i cannot beat. (Repulsive) as hell.