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  1. Hello everybody, now i´am using the CA:C cheat about 3 weeks and i want to tell the community what i´am love or hate. The easiest way to write this review for me it to name the Cheat what i´m using and some sentences as comment. [ESP] - Basically i used it on the Version without Ghost Aim and i must say it works perfekt without problems. Of cause it takes sometimes a few seconds to disappears box, but that is not a reason to rate it badly. [AIMBOT] - At the moment I've heard that the Aimbot is not working well, but where I still use it, it works fine. (Bone Selection, Aim Key, FOV / Draw FOV, Smooth Aim, Check Spawn protection, Visibly only) [MISC] - This is my favorite part, because here you can changing the charakter settings. I used Tele kill (NPC) works fine but in the most of maps there are some NPCS under the map and when you Teleport to this you die instantly. (with Godmode) The NoClip works but you cannot pass walls or doors for example in fireteam... this makes me very sad. Fly works fine but i dont use it because of the fall damage. The HP Hack works nearly perfect, but in some cases you must rejoin to enable or disable it and my head i always gone when i turn it on lol. [OTHERS] - No Recoil and No Spread works perfekt in the older version... now i heard its a little bit buggy, but i dont see it. Rapid Fire removed in newer versions, because it had some bugs i think. btw i miss it hard ._. [SPOOFER] - Charakter spoofer is endless hot! Nothing to say it's perfect! [GHOST AIM] - Since Ghost aim is here I use nothing more than that. PERFEKT! I think the negative points are already known to you. All in one... the Cheat is easy to use and works fine. What i miss is a Save and Load option and the "Cannot select" bug in Full Screen is annoying. regards AuXo
  2. You don´t need a good internet connection to play Combat Arms. I only have a download from 3,000 kb/s and i can play Combat Arms without problems. When i see that i have low ping i know that my mom do something with the internet, so if you have still the problem try to disconnect all devices who use you internet. Maybee you sould try a other server for a better ping? regards AuXo
  3. Hi, fast interact (Maybe for Fireteam... when u must activate a laptop or repair a machine)
  4. Hello guys, my Name is AuXo and I'm from Germany. I support the Rephax-Team now with the Technical Support. If u have questions about the Loader or problems, so now you can contact me. Also, I play Combat Arms with legit Cheats, if you want to play with me my name is iPhoneXS.