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  2. selam combat arms classis hile calişmiyor

  3. hello my friends

  4. Im trying to purchase vip package in your site but its telling me: your payment could not be processed this time.

  5. Our savior, Kelly <3

  6. Ghost Aim is most likely impossible unless @Chris ever finds a way. I would love to be wrong, but I guess odds are against us on this one... Regards.
  7. Welcome to RepHax and congratulations on your most recent promotion @Twinz I will be glad to give out a hand if there is anything you need
  8. @Dany you are definitely one of our strongest pillar yet and you are doing way more than your part of things and what we expect of you. Hence you now are essential to help this community standing and grow One love bradren, ~Kelly
  9. CA:Classic

    That is definitely the kind of detailed feedback we LOVE! Thank you very much for your time @Twinz
  10. It's possible. It might or might not be updated. Public cheats are not a priority. If you'd like to enjoy fast updates, purchase a VIP subscription.
  11. Welcome to RepulsiveHax, @leokratos The whole staff team wishes the best of moments among our community!
  12. Just press any key to attempt another injection in case it fails. /closed. ~Kelly
  13. Issue has been addressed and fixed. Feel free to create a new topic if you still encounter any issue(s). /locked. ~Kelly
  14. "By following a road that we call later, you arrive in a place that is called never" -Kelly

  15. Make sure to click your game version from the loader right after pressing Game Start, and before GameGuard closes. ~Kelly