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  1. Are you using the public hack? If you are it is outdated and not working. or you are entering the username and password incorrectly, reset your password to fix the problem.
  2. Try the public hack it is very fun and happy hacking if you need help tell us!
  3. Hello my Forum name is RetardedSec and I like to help people in RepulsiveHax community recently 2 weeks ago I bought the VIP hacks and it was so good I would want to be staff but they were still doing application so I applied then present I messed up and now I want to fix my mistakes and start over. i like to play basketball and play games on the computer or just hangout with my friends. Making Conversation is really hard for me because I really like to make jokes but sometimes my friend will get it. When I'm bored I like to think about stuff, when I have free time i make YouTube videos of gaming or something else. I live in Kansas but I like it here it is very enjoying, yeah my introduction is boring but I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Maybe by restarting your pc might help and run as administrator.
  5. Public doesn't have many features but VIP has a lot of features you should check it out the features public is still good but I prefer VIP!
  6. Best Combat Arms Hack in 2018 I'm not going to lie!
  7. Where jasmine rice?
  8. try to practice with friends or random people at Melee rooms because they are some pros / noobs who were try to kill you and you will try to juke them
  9. Now you do! i hope you enjoy and earn some points.
  10. What do you mean by that?
  11. Have you tried windowed mode or close some programs? But when I experience low fps I'll go to start menu and type %temp% and press ctrl a and delete everything and it might help you.
  12. you can use the hacks if you want it has been updated.