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  1. Thank you for your feedback. We're glad you enjoy our product!
  2. Eventually everything will go down, and everything will die. Not any soon though, we're going to stay here for a year in the worse case, in the good one few more
  3. For Legit Aimbot I'd recommend using those features: Smooth ON Visible Only ON Spawn shield check ON Aimbot - 7~8FOV Smooth - 0.140~.0180 Thank you for the suggestions, and taking time writing that, I don't know if the first feature you've suggested is possible to make but our Developer Chris will take a look.
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=104GdeWDjhs5y67jJ7WzC69qI2t4an-p- Extract it all, and run the program. it'll install everything if you miss anything, after that restart your computer and try to the run the cheat again. if it won't work please quote my message and reply
  5. You're a VIP member as of now, use the VIP loader. Insert your username and password in the loader.(before starting the game) Run the game, done.
  6. So, for our customers who have to use windowed mode in order to use the hacks and later on run it as fullscreen and then change it every time, yeah that can be annoying sometimes. So I've done a quick research and there's border-less windowed mode trick, basically makes your screen be like a fullscreen but it counts as "windowed" so you could still use it. You start the game and use the software to make it BLW, Sometimes when you start a game it'll return back to regular windowed mode so you just have to get on the program once again choose the application again, click the 4th button (looks like monitor) and then click the third one. Here is a link https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases -Please make sure you download the latest version! Also here is a quick video how to download/use -
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, as he mentioned above there^ It was under development but I don't know about right now. Happy hacking
  8. Thank you for your suggestions, Happy hacking!
  9. Hello there, how's everyone doing? I'd like to introduce myself to the community, so let me tell you a bit about myself Name: Yanir Age:18, turning 19 soon Country: Israel Languages: Hebrew, English, Serbian(all the Balkan languages), a bit of Russian. I'm friendly, I'm that type of person who'd like to have a conversation with anyone and meet them all, I love to talk I'm very social. I'm lively, I love to get drunk weekly on Friday and Saturday, sometimes in mid-week. I hang out daily for about 4hours at night, besides that, I might be active about 12hours a day so if anyone needs me he could always pm me/dm me. I'm also a fast learner so feel free to ask me everything even if I don't know a shit about it maybe I still could lend a hand . ~Evan#2640 ~RepHax Community. Best regards-
  10. CA:Classic

    Ahaha thanks!, it's Aresious