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  1. If you expect an answer you should definitely speak English. Last and only warning.
  2. Sorry for the delay on the reply, the difference is on Valofe's end, I'd suggest you give a try for both versions of combat arms see which you like best!
  3. Happy that you guys are enjoying the hack! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  4. Contacted in pm, being taken care of.
  5. May I ask why this site is ¨broken¨? Anyhow, I'd suggest taking a look at our VIP cheat, fully supported and all the features are there! Hope to see you in-game!:)
  6. Bump, Positions updated! Tech Support - 1 Moderator - 0 (Maybe) Advertiser - 0
  7. Hey Rephackers! We are currently looking to hire new tech/mod. As you've probably experienced, we weren't really active in the past few months for different reasons. Well we're back and ready to work on making this forum the best Combat Arms cheat providing website and what would make us a good website without the proper team? Here are the requirements We will only choose among active members. No newcomers. Need at least a 2 weeks membership, it can be expired. As long as you gave or is ready to give to the community. Need to be an active member that takes part in events, I've released a couple events and they got dead quickly. I need active members, ones that plays and advertise on CA:C. People who knows about the game and knows how to use the cheat properly. Even if you're a moderator you >should advertise< Now tech support will have a 1 week trial too. Everyone will get a chance. Not everyone will be kept. We need individuals who thinks they can bring back the community alive, create events and bring out good ideas to make it happen! If you think you're the right fit, apply now! What's available? Tech support - 1 slots Moderator - 0 slot Advertiser - 1 slots Advertisers are considered Staff members. You gain access to VIP links and extras, you can help and do Staff jobs, though you need to keep it respectful at some extend.
  8. Welcome to the community!
  9. Loader

    Here, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454322696327790622/503668628009517056/CLoader.exe You might want to consider VIP in order to use this!
  10. There's been a lot, new features, new menu and a lot more to be seen. Much more diversity and liberty among the staffs. Thanks for your concern, hope you're finally part of anonymous and you're still on your way to become the best hacker ever known.
  11. Late but glad you're going around the forum:)
  12. Welcome to our community snake!:) We're happy to have you on our side!
  13. We can't tell, any major hacking website goes down someday but anyhow, enjoy it while it lasts!
  14. Sure will be a continuity about reloaded, we might even have a big surprise for you
  15. Maybe after a couple of years, it's like an iPhone, they don't support the iPhone 3 or 4 anymore but they provide new models! Tho someday people will come to realize that Apple is a grab your money for lies type of company, I'm glad to say we don't do that here ^^ Short answer: No we won't drop support to our customers.
  16. suggestion

    Auto-inject is already there, at least for VIP. What would be useful is ID/Pass save where it saves your credentials so you don't have to log in every single time and makes it so banned members can't log in even after changing IP.
  17. Closed I know but @Dany saves the situation
  18. Don't have an issue on my side, might be due from the Wifi provider itself? Either upgrade or close all programs running in the back before playing:)