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  1. There's been a lot, new features, new menu and a lot more to be seen. Much more diversity and liberty among the staffs. Thanks for your concern, hope you're finally part of anonymous and you're still on your way to become the best hacker ever known.
  2. Hi, fellow RHx user! We offer an underground service most of you aren't aware of, today I thought I'd explain to you how this implementation of our works! (We're gonna get you used to the forum, no links!) Disclaimer, this is an informative post, not a way to get free cheats! A limited amount of individual is chosen, first arrived, first served. We have here: On the forum page, a staff application page is displayed, forward there! You will see there are different application choices. You wanna go to Advertiser. Apply! Once clicked you need to fill out this easy form, give us a general idea of who you are! After you press ¨Save¨ your form will be sent to @Cepheus And forwarded to the team for a full review! Now to obtain free cheats you have to spam in-game, the free cheats have the option to do so in the menu. The more you spam, the more time for the cheat you get! 1h+ of spamming a day is required to meet our expectations! If not our system will warn us, our system automatically distributes VIP time to users. Thanks for reading, -Cepheus.
  3. Pub probably won't be updated, VIP is the way!
  4. Cloader.exe

    Pub isn't updated.
  5. Yeah, it's because you try to inject the cheat after the game started. Start the loader, then the game. But the Public cheat isn't updated I think, good luck!:)
  6. Hope everyone can refer to this comment. /Closed
  7. Thanks for putting everything here, though we have our own page, that's an extra!
  9. I feel like nobody answered you cause it's pretty obvious, you're using Pub cheats.
  10. Probably, we don't support it as much as the VIP.
  11. Hey, here you can ask any features you can think of or want! Your request will be evaluated by the team first and then we will send the request to @Chris ! Make sure your request isn't server sided and hasn't been requested already before sending it. You can send it here or make a post called ¨Feature request¨ Once we get an answer about your request we will send you a pm telling you it has been approved. Here is a list of currently known cheats that are server sided. Do not ask for them, your comment will be ignored. GodMode. UnlimitedAmmo. InfSprint. LifeTaker. RemoteKill (maybeee..) RoomCrash. Wallhack Asking staff team for free VIP because you have financial issues. You cannot request features that are in the VIP menu. If you want to request something for VIP, buy it! There's another post there for VIPs where you can request more features for VIP only. Make sure to take a look at VIP features before requesting one! ---> Click HERE!
  12. Late but glad you're going around the forum:)
  13. Welcome to our community snake!:) We're happy to have you on our side!
  14. How could VIP be free? Show me a website with free VIP! You purchase it for a small fee!
  15. You mean misc? Buy VIP. Powers too limited? You know you're using PUBLIC cheats, do you?
  16. Give me a screenshot and tell me how you proceed to inject the cheats please.
  17. Thanks for the feedback @AuXo !
  18. Position availability edited.
  19. Hey Rephackers! We are currently looking to hire new tech/mod. As you've probably experienced, we weren't really active in the past few months for different reasons. Well we're back and ready to work on making this forum the best Combat Arms cheat providing website and what would make us a good website without the proper team? Here are the requirements We will only choose among active members. No newcomers. Need at least a 2 weeks membership, it can be expired. As long as you gave or is ready to give to the community. Need to be an active member that takes part in events, I've released a couple events and they got dead quickly. I need active members, ones that plays and advertise on CA:C. People who knows about the game and knows how to use the cheat properly. Even if you're a moderator you >should advertise< Now tech support will have a 1 week trial too. Everyone will get a chance. Not everyone will be kept. We need individuals who thinks they can bring back the community alive, create events and bring out good ideas to make it happen! If you think you're the right fit, apply now! What's available? Tech support - 1 slots Moderator - 0 slot Advertiser - 1 slots Advertisers are considered Staff members. You gain access to VIP links and extras, you can help and do Staff jobs, though you need to keep it respectful at some extend.
  20. Yeah we're talking Public, don't expect Vip support and features Cheers!:)