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  1. If you expect an answer you should definitely speak English. Last and only warning.
  2. To download the cheats?
  3. Sorry for the delay on the reply, the difference is on Valofe's end, I'd suggest you give a try for both versions of combat arms see which you like best!
  4. Happy that you guys are enjoying the hack! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  5. Contacted in pm, being taken care of.
  6. Works

    May I ask why this site is ¨broken¨? Anyhow, I'd suggest taking a look at our VIP cheat, fully supported and all the features are there! Hope to see you in-game!:)
  7. Welcome to the community!
  8. Loader

    Here, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454322696327790622/503668628009517056/CLoader.exe You might want to consider VIP in order to use this!
  9. There's been a lot, new features, new menu and a lot more to be seen. Much more diversity and liberty among the staffs. Thanks for your concern, hope you're finally part of anonymous and you're still on your way to become the best hacker ever known.
  10. Late but glad you're going around the forum:)
  11. Welcome to our community snake!:) We're happy to have you on our side!