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  1. May I ask why this site is ¨broken¨? Anyhow, I'd suggest taking a look at our VIP cheat, fully supported and all the features are there! Hope to see you in-game!:)
  2. Bump, Positions updated! Tech Support - 2 Moderator - 0 (Maybe) Advertiser - 0
  3. What do you mean? There should be a Beta going on, it's on the loader for free.
  4. No answer for a while, guess it's fixed. \Closed
  5. Here, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454322696327790622/503668628009517056/CLoader.exe You might want to consider VIP in order to use this!
  6. Answered by Chris. /closed
  7. Depending on demand, we might open a poll to see interest in CAR hacks. Currently, we do not.
  8. Hello

    Hey! Welcome to RepHax my friend:)
  9. Happy new year to all our beloved members and users! To celebrate and make sure you can get a taste of how happy we are to hit 2019 with you guys, we offer you a 25% off of our cheats! For a limited time only Only applicable to these subscriptions A reminder that if you already own a sub, you can always extend your membership if you purchase a sub while it's on sale! RepHax team wishes you the best of 2019, have fun hacking and we love our community!
  10. He bought VIP, problem resolved! \Closed
  11. CA VIP

    Well covered by @RetardedSec \Closed
  12. loader

    He sent me a PM, if anyone encounter the issue, open a new thread.