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  1. Removed embedded link, looks dumb now and don't promote stupid stuff.
  2. If you expect an answer you should definitely speak English. Last and only warning.
  3. I don't see how it would be done since it's a server thing.. Maybe if @Chris has an idea!
  4. IGN

    It's an easy task for anything made by Valve but Combat arms most likely server sided this kind of feature, maybe @Chris will look into it though!
  5. Sorry for the delay on the reply, the difference is on Valofe's end, I'd suggest you give a try for both versions of combat arms see which you like best!
  6. Happy that you guys are enjoying the hack! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  7. Contacted in pm, being taken care of.
  8. Public ?

    We will announce if we ever decide to upload a public cheat. /Closed.
  9. May I ask why this site is ¨broken¨? Anyhow, I'd suggest taking a look at our VIP cheat, fully supported and all the features are there! Hope to see you in-game!:)
  10. Bump, Positions updated! Tech Support - 2 Moderator - 0 (Maybe) Advertiser - 0