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  1. We've recently changed how to inject the PUBLIC cheat, you must start up Combat Arms first, then inject the public cheat. If you are using V.I.P loader, you will need to start up the cheat first then open up Combat Arms. Also, please do not randomly post in threads that aren't relevant to your situation, if you have any problems, etc. please click here and create a topic, thanks.
  2. @Twinz glad to see you are apart of the RepulsiveHax staff team, looking forward to seeing you help others around the discord/ forum.
  3. @Dany, glad to see you on the staff team
  4. It's pretty simple to get the handle of free running. It takes some time how to handle the situation you are in. Now, I can't teach you how to free run as it's all knowledge when it comes to playing, but I can teach you what items, gears, etc you used take in consideration. I am naming out items that you can buy without spending money, this can be instantly purchased using the in-game currency of GC. There are way better gears to use but, will cost you in return. GEAR Gear is probably the most important thing when it comes to free running, you want to have a increase in speed and stamina. These are a list of gears I would recommend; Recon Vest - +15 speed, -10 protection ~ Probably the most known vest in Combat Arms, known for it's speed, now the con is it's -10 protection but when considering free run it really doesn't matter. You may use ANY type of Recon Vest, it does not matter about the skin. http://combatarms.wikia.com/wiki/Recon_Vest Cyclops Bandanna - +7 speed ~ Also pretty popular as well, gives you a decent amount of speed with no cons. http://combatarms.wikia.com/wiki/Cyclops_Bandana FACE GEAR I'd recommend anything that increases your stamina and speed, it's that simple. SPEED BONUS Not sure if it's still possible but, Combat Arms has implemented a speed bonus where you are able to upgrade a your gear, increasing the speed. I would recommend if it's still a thing. KNIFE Track Knife - Mobility: 1 ~ The tracker knife is the most portable knife in Combat Arms, what this means is when holding the knife, your character will not speed down as it's mobility is light as hell. ITEMS Now, when using items you want to carry LOTS of explosives, I mean A LOT. I would recommend having a backpack that can with hold 4 items which INCLUDE; 3 Grenades slots, and 1 mine slot. Now it doesn't need to be grenades it can be RPGs, etc. This is just my opinion. Look at this video below as he demonstrates how to free run and what items he uses.. As you can see he moves around A LOT, it's important to keep and moving and having control. Also when placing grenades, he places it where he can LEAD the zombies into it, not throwing it around randomly. Lastly, if you are looking into making a very good build for free running click HERE for a full gear list on what to use, as well as check out this YouTube video I'll post below; (all rights go to the respectable owner of this content)
  5. Thank you @Dany and @Cepheus for the feed back, means a lot.
  6. Hello Repulsive Community, Some may know that Repulsive has this point system that allows members have certain features, it seems most don't know about it's contents, so I am here to present you with the point system. New users currently start with 1,000 points. Before I continue my thread, I'd like to thank @Kelly for providing me the information below for a more in-depth look on the point system. Points System The point system is where you can earn points that could potentially give you rewards, depending on how many you have. Currently, Repulsive has 5 different items that you can buy for points which are listed below; Upload an avatar Pin topic Reset Warning Points What does it do? It wipes your warning points given from a staff member. Combat Arms Clasic: V.I.P (2 days) What does it do? Gives you the full experience of the Classic V.I.P cheats for 2 days, this is a trial, once finished you will not be able to use it again until another purchase has been made. How do I earn points? Purchasing V.I.P By purchasing V.I.P, you may receive 500-5000 points depending on your subscription. 2 weeks - 500 points 1 month - 1000 points Permanent - 5000 points Replying to topics - You receive different points from different sections of the Repulsive's forums, here are a list of points you receive from different categories, Receiving a reaction Daily - Logging on daily will earn you 50 points Weekly - Logging on once a week will earn you 100 points Monthly - Logging on once a month will earn you 300 points How do I purchase these items? Click HERE to purchase the items. Please know that there is a limit to have many can be purchased. You cannot continuously purchase the same product, unless there is multiple available. Donate? No, you cannot currently donate to a member as of now, only staff members have the right to donate to others. That includes all ranks expect MEMBER. Lastly, Please do not take advantage of this system. Do not attempt anything that could potentially get you in trouble and involve staff members.
  7. Music

    Go ahead and post your favorite music on this thread. Share your music with others.
  8. There are also some other ways of fixing this error -60 if this way does not work. Combat Arms have also released a way how to fix the issue. This has been copy n' pasted from CA forums.. Method A: Go to classic folder then click Engine.exe let it download gameguard afterwards run classic again and the patch will show up and give you an error again, ignore that close it again and try patching for the 2nd time and it will be good to go! Method B: 1. go to your files in C:/VALOFEEU/CA_CLASSIC/GameGuard. 2. delete all those files in GameGuard. 3.go to the download link and download the it (don't click on the big green ''dosya indir'' therre should a count down under the page click on that 1 http://dosya.co/nq5887la3kpz/GameGuard.rar.html) 4. after downloading the GameGuard file place it on your desktop 5. after placing it on your desktop copy the files inside it and paste it in C:/VALOFEEU/CA_CLASSIC/GameGuard 6. start the game and let it patch the game(edited) Original: https://forums.valofe.com/forum/combat-arms-the-classic/official-news-updates-aa/news-aa/14209-important-announcement-error-60
  9. Thank you to all who welcomed me, @Cepheus, @Kelly, @Chris, and @Vass-
  10. Hello Repulsive Hax members, I am Dellin. I've just recently came back into the Combat Arms. I live in Canada. Play mostly Fireteam, if you are looking to play with me; in-game username: Dellin Later.