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  1. Info: When you buy a Combat Arms: The Classic subscription, you will have access to Combat Arms: Reloaded / Latino cheats for free, it's not supposed to be free but it is. Because of that, we do not have to always update the Reloaded / Latino cheat. Price : 5,20€ / 2 Weeks 10€ / Month 15€ / 2 Months You can also buy a lifetime subscription for 80€ Preview ( The Classic / Latino) : Preview ( Reloaded ) :
  2. Hello everyone, it's being a long time I didn't posted a thread about the community, first I wanna say a big thanks to every staff members for helping for the good of the community! Information: I don't really support public cheat anymore, it's taking too much time of my free time and I prefer focussing on the VIP builds to make the community better after each update (Staff members are not obliged to help members about public cheat!). Loader (Only for VIP members) I released a new loader called CLoader, you can download it here: Download (read this if you need help about Windows Defender problem). Hell no, the loader is not and will never be a virus, I just protected the program by obfuscating it (if you want to read more about this). If you are getting any problem about the CLoader you might need to download this aio210.zip, pretty sure it will fix your issue really fast :). How to use the loader: Login with your forum account (if you made your account using Discord, please send a private message to an administrator to create a password for your account) This error message mean you're trying to connect on another computer or you maybe changed something about your computer itself, pm @Chris. Now you can select and launch the cheat you want to load! This is a common issue, disable every anti-virus. If it's still not working then start the CMD as Administrator and type the following command: Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON if the message "An error has occurred setting the element data. The value is protected by Secure Boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted." is printed then follow this video: How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit Thank you for your time, Chris - Owner/Developper
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    Always here to help you
  4. This question is sad because I will maybe leave the scene in one year, anyway I share cheats since 2 years now so, who knows.
  5. NX Chams is nice in my opinion The spam function works fine only in the VIP cheat The Character Spoofer works fine for every characters, you just need to put Valofe Recon Vest if your character is not the one you selected This is patched Patched too Thanks.
  6. As I said like twenty times, I'll try to find a way to do ghost aim after everything is fixed on the cheat. (Remind: you can't ask to get it soon, you actually paid for the features on screenshots http://repulsivehax.net)
  7. CA:Classic

    Hello @Twinz, thanks a lot for taking times to write an interesting feedback, I really enjoy reading this type of topic! Added one week to your actual subscription, pm for more info
  8. combat arms!

    I’m a old runner, I still know how to run in some maps like Overdose, oil rig, two towers.. just send me a private message and I’ll add you as friend to play later :’)
  9. Welcome Dellin, happy cheating .
  10. ? definitely the best comment rofl
  11. Happy to see you here josh!
  12. Hello, my name is Chris (not really hard to understand lol) I'm 17 years old and I live in France. I am the founding father of RepulsiveHax, a cheat providing website with over 4000 members. I started to get into programming when I was 11, I wanted to create useful programs that could make difficult tasks easier, I had eyes full stars seeing people writing hundreds of lines of code to have a nifty result and I embarked on a very simple programming language VB.Net for 4 years to create programs very simplistic and not really advanced due to the ability of visual basic compared to other language of programming. A year ago now I started learning c++, very difficult to learn at first but the effort worth it. My Combat Arms cheat is alive since one year and will still be alive for a very long time if members are here to support my work! Thank you for reading and happy cheating with ReplusiveHax.
  13. Welcome to Repulsive hax! Hello! And Thank you for joining our community! You have chosen a website of quality with unique, well made cheats, just for you. You are more than welcome to join our discord here for Faster support - Discord Link You will be able to communicate with the staff members and be part of events to get free cheats and play with other people. Now, To stay part of this community you must follow the Community Guideline! No posts about pornographic material. No posts about another communities / sites. Do not spam with same questions more and more over again Do not post any kind of useless posts just to increase your posts count. Do not insult members / Staff on shoutbox, forum or Discord. No flaming. Do not sell / Buy forum accounts. Respect all Admins | Staff | Members. Do not ask for free VIP unless there are events etc.. Every user has the right to create only 1 account, no multiple accounts per user. No Sharing VIP accounts. Do not evade your ban by creating a new account because you will get IP banned No false reports If you have encountered any problem with the staff team, you will need to send private message to Admins. Buying VIP means that you are buying a forum access. You agree to all rules when you create an account on the site or when you buy VIP. Remember, VIP can be used on 1 computer only because it is a Hardware ID lock. No Refunds. No PM for support, you just can create a support topic on the site or join our Discord server. Only moderators or higher ranks can use Team viewer with members. Always give credits if you are gonna post/shout other's work. Do not ask for ETA's If Someone wont follow the rules they will Get Warn and Then Kick/Ban! Just Chill And Enjoy Your Time In Here. Enjoy your stay! -Rep Hax Team -Rule template made by Moly