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  1. Hello, there is no public hack sorry. We avoid publishing free cheats because they are getting detected.
  2. IGN

    This feature has been patched some years ago. /closed
  3. In this thread you can get every needed info about RepulsiveHax. Last Update: Framework Gui / Features: You can see our product here:
  4. loader

    Hello, can you give us more information about your problem please? For a fast support please join our discord server and ask help to Staff Member
  5. Hello everyone, it's being a long time I didn't posted a thread about the community, first I wanna say a big thanks to every staff members for helping for the good of the community! Information: I don't really support public cheat anymore, it's taking too much time of my free time and I prefer focussing on the VIP builds to make the community better after each update (Staff members are not obliged to help members about public cheat!). Loader (Only for VIP members) I released a new loader called CLoader, you can download it here: Download (read this if you need help about Windows Defender problem). Hell no, the loader is not and will never be a virus, I just protected the program by obfuscating it (if you want to read more about this). If you are getting any problem about the CLoader you might need to download this aio210.zip, pretty sure it will fix your issue really fast :). How to use the loader: Login with your forum account (if you made your account using Discord, please send a private message to an administrator to create a password for your account) This error message mean you're trying to connect on another computer or you maybe changed something about your computer itself, pm @Chris. Now you can select and launch the cheat you want to load! This is a common issue, disable every anti-virus. If it's still not working then start the CMD as Administrator and type the following command: Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON if the message "An error has occurred setting the element data. The value is protected by Secure Boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted." is printed then follow this video: How to Disable UEFI Secure Boot in Windows 10 64 bit and 32 bit Thank you for your time, Chris - Owner/Developper
  6. Support

    Always here to help you
  7. This question is sad because I will maybe leave the scene in one year, anyway I share cheats since 2 years now so, who knows.
  8. Hello RH, this thread will be updated as long as possible to let you know about our cheat updates. Legend: this is an exemple = Bug fixed this is an exemple = Disabled feature added back Date: 17/10/2018 New: Ghost Aim (Changing the hit position & making the enemy hitbox bigger) No Knockback (Perfect when you're infected in QR) No Stun Effect Crosshair Spoofer Room Spoofer (To allow you to restrict Weapons/Country in your room. You can also enable Random Map) Crouch Spam (Nexon added a restriction some years ago making crouch spam impossible, with this enabled you can crouch spam) Updated: Character Spoofer (Now visible from the player inventory) ESP Color customization added (Enemy, Team, Spawn Shield, Is Visible, Explosive, Weapon) Bug: ESP Color can't be changed No Recoil/No Spread can't be disabled sometimes Spoofing your player info sometimes making the game laggy (e.g: Name Color, Plate, Flag) Temporarily disabled: Voice Spam Invisible Mode Animation Chat Spammer Instant Zoom No Weapon Weight
  9. Read correctly what we said, next time you’ll get a warning.
  10. NX Chams is nice in my opinion The spam function works fine only in the VIP cheat The Character Spoofer works fine for every characters, you just need to put Valofe Recon Vest if your character is not the one you selected This is patched Patched too Thanks.
  11. As I said like twenty times, I'll try to find a way to do ghost aim after everything is fixed on the cheat. (Remind: you can't ask to get it soon, you actually paid for the features on screenshots http://repulsivehax.net)
  12. CA:Classic

    Hello @Twinz, thanks a lot for taking times to write an interesting feedback, I really enjoy reading this type of topic! Added one week to your actual subscription, pm for more info
  13. I’m a old runner, I still know how to run in some maps like Overdose, oil rig, two towers.. just send me a private message and I’ll add you as friend to play later :’)