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  3. what do u mean be more specific?
  4. Last week
  5. I think Chris is looking into it
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  7. Hi, I don't know how to solve, at registration I don't receive any confirmation email even though I waited 72 hours.
  8. test just

    Just report it to a mod, they will take this down.
  9. Be more specific. I get the nearest bone part, guess it would be easy for Chris do to that.
  10. Nearest bone option for the ghost aim because its not legit when someone do headglitch and its not headshot
  11. Yes I just played a few games its on like donkey kong
  12. Good night, I do not know how to start so I'll post some things *My name is Hugo Paixão. * I'm 21 years old * I really enjoy playing videogames and socializing with people. * In my occupation I like to invent and tinker with my car. * My country is portugal
  13. Combat Arms Vip Classic is ok??
  14. Earlier
  15. How is this relevant to RepulsiveHax or even the topic.
  16. not sure but you can try to search on google or another source.
  17. You are now VIP lol Requesting CLOSED
  18. I want to buy the hack but i only have paysafecard in my county i not able to use paypal here, there is any option to charge VIP via paysafecard? Can some help me? Im trying to hack and im waiting like 6 hours to someone to help me!
  19. Hi guys! Does the Russian Combat have cheats?
  20. Hey can u Help me ?

    1. ProHacker1


      Ofc what's ur problem?

  21. to join the RepulsiveHax's server click on the link (new link) https://discord.gg/PcDABGw
  22. hhhhhh and u said "gnagnagna im GM in CAC" ....
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  24. Explain more the hit box is dead on
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