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  2. Hi, fast interact (Maybe for Fireteam... when u must activate a laptop or repair a machine)
  3. Yesterday
  4. There is still the clan to enter in a while
  5. Last week
  6. Hello RH, this thread will be updated as long as possible to let you know about our cheat updates. Legend: this is an exemple = Bug fixed this is an exemple = Disabled feature added back Date: 17/10/2018 New: Ghost Aim (Changing the hit position & making the enemy hitbox bigger) No Knockback (Perfect when you're infected in QR) No Stun Effect Crosshair Spoofer Room Spoofer (To allow you to restrict Weapons/Country in your room. You can also enable Random Map) Crouch Spam (Nexon added a restriction some years ago making crouch spam impossible, with this enabled you can crouch spam) Updated: Character Spoofer (Now visible from the player inventory) ESP Color customization added (Enemy, Team, Spawn Shield, Is Visible, Explosive, Weapon) Bug: ESP Color can't be changed No Recoil/No Spread can't be disabled sometimes Spoofing your player info sometimes making the game laggy (e.g: Name Color, Plate, Flag) Temporarily disabled: Voice Spam Invisible Mode Animation Chat Spammer Instant Zoom No Weapon Weight
  7. Hey Rephackers! We are currently looking to hire new tech/mod. As you've probably experienced, we weren't really active in the past few months for different reasons. Well we're back and ready to work on making this forum the best Combat Arms cheat providing website and what would make us a good website without the proper team? Here are the requirements We will only choose among active members. No newcomers. Need at least a 2 weeks membership, it can be expired. As long as you gave or is ready to give to the community. Need to be an active member that takes part in events, I've released a couple events and they got dead quickly. I need active members, ones that plays and advertise on CA:C. People who knows about the game and knows how to use the cheat properly. Even if you're a moderator you >should advertise< Now tech support will have a 1 week trial too. Everyone will get a chance. Not everyone will be kept. We need individuals who thinks they can bring back the community alive, create events and bring out good ideas to make it happen! If you think you're the right fit, apply now! What's available? Tech support - 2 slots Moderator - 1 slot Advertiser - 3 slots Advertisers are considered Staff members. You gain access to VIP links and extras, you can help and do Staff jobs, though you need to keep it respectful at some extend.
  8. Im trying to purchase vip package in your site but its telling me: your payment could not be processed this time.

  9. Earlier
  10. Auto-inject is already there, at least for VIP. What would be useful is ID/Pass save where it saves your credentials so you don't have to log in every single time and makes it so banned members can't log in even after changing IP.
  11. What about an auto-inject for the loader!... because the loader can avoid the issues for example sometimes you will forget to click it the classic hack on time because you need to inject the hack while the anticheat appears, it will be a good option... Also the loader can detect if you are missing a .dll or have an error. I dont know, are some facts that the auto-inject can help It's my opinion. Kind Regards.
  12. i have ask

    Join discord server for help with VIP Subscription or create post in "help section(request)" // Closed
  13. i have ask

    You posted in wrong section. There is nothing to do with HWID Resets. For you question, if your paypal linked to your bank it will take the money from your bank. But you can cancel the auto renew, from site settings and paypal. So it will pay 1 time.
  14. when i donate for 1 Month VIP Subscription (Classic) its down from my bank account per month 10 euro or one time ?
  15. Music

    Not baaad
  16. Music

    Thats atm my Fav.
  17. Closed I know but @Dany saves the situation
  18. I’m hungry

    Okay you are crazy
  19. Enjoy the community who like Combat Arms!....
  20. a post posted in a post that was reposted from other post, for sure that will make me famous!
  21. I’m hungry

    Posting a Post for getting fame?
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