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  4. Ok all this COVID shit is fucked up and very bad and scary... I am here to help any one in need of SUPPORT or just want to chat... Anyone from this site/sites.. feel like they need to talk or just pass time when they are in SELF ISOLATION.. For the 14 days or so.. I am here for ya either to talk shit or just to say hello.. Add me Discord Canadian420#3255 And from site aswell.. Keep safe and CLEAN.. Anonymous..Canadian420#3255 RepulsiveHax..
  5. Okay bro! Thank you so much!
  6. I am sure Chris will reset ur HWID ..But you will only have 4 resets after that..So try to stick to 1 PC..All the best.
  7. I travel to another country and I have another computer here, so I need to change my HWID, please
  8. Info: When you buy a Combat Arms: The Classic subscription, you will have access to Combat Arms: Reloaded / Latino cheats for free, it's not supposed to be free but it is. Because of that, we do not have to always update the Reloaded / Latino cheat. Price : 5,20€ / 2 Weeks 10€ / Month 15€ / 2 Months You can also buy a lifetime subscription for 80€ Preview ( The Classic / Latino) : Preview ( Reloaded ) :
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  10. Very nice words dude ..See ur tech support now keep up the great works..
  11. Everyone please welcome our new tech-supporter , @intoxify Congratulations ! Please all of our members, feel free to message him for any kind of help, he's a part of us now Welcome to RepulsiveHax Team!
  12. Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce myself, I am Intoxify from Canada, I have been playing CA since basically beta, I love supporting this community and I enjoy helping others with technical support issues. I have been apart of the hacking community since I got my first computer just under a decade ago, Yes that's correct 10 years all ready and I still can't code very well its something i pick up and come back to because you have to take care of yourself first, sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours isn't normal so i like to spread out my time with computers I hope everyone enjoys the content here and gets the support they need ! Love you all stay fresh
  13. Intoxify's feedback 1. In my opinion this community/site that you have created is awesome, Everyone is relatively friendly, Staff are supportive not only is the hack well made and well thought of, The owner takes his time to fix the issues/bugs and interacts with his community by accepting critical feedback. 2. The site is also well made and well thought of I really love the lay out, as well as RH slogan for the site ! 3. The hack Imgui is well made and easy to navigate not only that the exploits within the hacks being offered are awesome, 680hp, player/roomspoof etc 4. This site has the best hacks and the most exploits within its hack! 5. This is a learning community ! I love being here and learning new things and helping out the community !!!
  14. Hello! My name is Julio; but prefer to go by the alias Heretic. I am 24 years old and reside in the area of New York ; which many consider it to be "the big apple" I couldn't think of a better way to introduce oneself to a new community other than the introduction post itself! I cannot express how much I enjoyed the fine era of combat arms and it's many memories that came along with its hacking community! Which is one of the main reasons I find myself here on this forums today! strictly nostalgic purposes. I considered myself as a heavy gamer who would play all night and day literally no lifing just to reach that rank with my new hacks ...I couldn't get enough ; although life has taken a toll and caused me to drift away from what I enjoyed the most I am glad to announce I can finally dedicate time for myself to allow me to go back into the gaming community! I spent hours looking for a forums that offered such enjoyment for a game I once cherished and I'm excited that I have stumbled upon here! I hope to meet many new friends and/or fellow RepHackers! I won't take much time from your hacking experiences I hope you guys enjoy it here much as I am. Regards, Heretic
  15. UPDATE

    Go to SUPPORT SECTION... Request CLOSED//
  16. UPDATE

    C.A. release a new update, cheats dont work
  17. Heyy hows it going, predz here! im new to this forum so im looking to stick around especially for the CA hack See you around!
  18. I just rage lol when my pc is running good I'll put some together and share
  19. just looking for any configs
  20. it won’t be released we are only focusing only on VIP Hacks only
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