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  4. May I ask why this site is ¨broken¨? Anyhow, I'd suggest taking a look at our VIP cheat, fully supported and all the features are there! Hope to see you in-game!:)
  5. Bump, Positions updated! Tech Support - 2 Moderator - 0 (Maybe) Advertiser - 0
  6. Earlier
  7. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454322696327790622/503668628009517056/CLoader.exe this should help.
  8. https://discord.gg/G7Xa6hW there you go
  9. I eventually went for the VIP and I'm very happy with the investment. Thanks for your services! As for the links, I tried to find certain links that didn't work but I was only able to find one error. -Top section downloads-->download cloudify loader gives an error
  10. Yeah hes right, you buy classic you get reloaded and the hacks are GREAT -Edit i posted about buying reloaded and ended up just buying classic and finding out lol
  11. Hi, the discord invite link seems to be invalid. Would appreciate it if you renew it or comment the new link down below
  12. What do you mean? There should be a Beta going on, it's on the loader for free.
  13. Hi guys !!! My name is Overkill!!! nice to met u
  14. Right, and trying to figure out if their classic even works when most of their links don't even work
  15. theres no subcription for CA: reloaded ? i can see them for classic but i dont want that it says your reloaded is up.
  16. No answer for a while, guess it's fixed. \Closed
  17. Here, https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/454322696327790622/503668628009517056/CLoader.exe You might want to consider VIP in order to use this!
  18. In this thread you can get every needed info about RepulsiveHax. Last Update: Framework Gui / Features: You can see our product here:
  19. Can't seem to download the loader, I click the download bar but it cant find the file to download it
  20. Answered by Chris. /closed
  21. Hi im interested buy the ca classic vip. Paysafecard is accepted? Country: italy
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