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  1. General

    1. ? Announcements & Events

      Important messages from the staff team.

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    2. General Discussions

      Talk about anything related to games, cheats, life, world news, and etc.

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      Ask questions concerning our available services before purchasing a subscription.

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      Find important information and download links for our loader & cheats.

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      See what our customers have to say about our cheats.

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      Flaaames! Roast some SPAM? Post anything unrelated anyhow. /*No Explicit Content*\

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    7. ? Introduction & Farewell

      Introduce yourself and welcome newcomers to the community.

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    1. Help Requests

      Within this section are found solved and unsolved issues to help users fix any problem while using our products. /*For Support Only*\

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    2. HWID Resets

      Customers may only ask for an HWID reset five (5) times, afterwards fees may apply.

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  3. Media

    1. ? Artwork Showcase

      Create and show off your art work projects here. /*Images Only*\

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    2. ? Video Showcase

      Create and show off your video & montage projects here. /*Videos Only*\

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  4. Games

    1. Combat Arms

      Find any discussion concerning the popular First Person Shooter. /*Not For Support*\

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    2. Crossfire EU

      Find any discussion concerning the popular Mercenary Forces Corporation shooter. /*Not For Support*\

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    3. Blackshot

      Find any discussion concerning the popular Intense Competitive Multiplayer shooter. /*Not For Support*\

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    4. H1Z1

      Find any discussion concerning the fast-paced, battle royale shooter. /*Not For Support*\

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